Call for Research Proposals

For a 5 year SCOPAC Research Programme (April 2020 to 2025)

It’s almost 5 years since we set the current SCOPAC Research Programme which has grown and evolved to deliver some fantastic and insightful projects for SCOPAC members, disseminated through the SCOPAC website. SCOPAC has funded approximately £100,000 of coastal research since 2015 which has seen a return of over £300,000 in contributions and alternative funding sources. The group has been successful in attracting local levy funds, steering best practice guidance and influencing national policy, as well as supporting NERC funded research.

Previously SCOPAC funded a major project per year (~£20,000) and a minor fund project (~£4,000), however the budget available is currently under review. We would still like to gauge interest and draw-up a wish-list of project proposals to allow the potential funding requirements to be estimated. We are therefore requesting coastal research proposals for a 5 year SCOPAC Research Programme (April 2020 to 2025) to identify common themes affecting our coastlines. Further details of the application process are provided below.

Proposal application process:

A research proposal should be no longer than 500 words and will clearly set out the aims, objectives and deliverables of the study, as well as the benefits to SCOPAC. Please indicate timescales for delivery, an approximate cost, potential contribution sources and whether the proposal forms part of a wider research initiative. If funding were to be obtained, successful applicants would be expected to provide quarterly updates to the SCOPAC Research Chair, produce a written report and provide a presentation to SCOPAC once the research is complete. Outputs are made available on the SCOPAC website.

The application does not have to meet all of the following criteria, although these aspects are considered important.

Does the project:

  • Have a wider benefit to SCOPAC?
  • Advance the understanding of coastal processes or environmental issues?
  • Help our sector build resilience and adapt to climate change?
  • Develop new or alternative engineering design/construction techniques?
  • Improve coastal management/policy decision making?
  • Assist in developing best practice?
  • Develop a scientific tool?
  • Educate elected members and officers?
  • Raise the profile of flood and coastal erosion risk challenges?
  • Would the study commence if SCOPAC did not contribute?


Deadline 11th October 2019

Applications should be emailed to the SCOPAC Research Chair, Dr Samantha Cope – – by the 11th October 2019.

The proposals will be collated by the Research Chair and shared with the Research sub-group to consider their priority, the funding required and how this could be taken forward.