SCOPAC Aims & Activities

Our primary aims are:

  • To provide a strong political forum for coastal local authorities and other organisations with an interest in coastal risk management along the south coast of England;
  • To raise and sanction funding for the successful operation of SCOPAC and for the development and implementation of its research programme.

SCOPAC research programme

We are also proactive in supporting member organisations and their responsibilities, and furthering our understanding of a wide range of coastal defence issues.

Some of our key activities include:

  • Promoting Shoreline Management Plans relating to the SCOPAC coastline;
  • Providing a forum for a range of Government, Local Authority and other bodies involved in coastal issues and the associated legislation;
  • Responding to House of Commons Committee Inquiries;
  • Providing advice and guidance on the management of the SCOPAC coastline;
  • Exploration of external research funding.

SCOPAC has sponsored:

  • Investigations of the sub-littoral zone off the West Sussex coast by Natural England (the Sussex Seasearch Project, 1992-1998);
  • A number of research projects carried out by Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology (now the Maritime Archaeology Trust) including ‘Archaeology and Coastal Change’
  • A number of conferences / forums including the Institute of Civil Engineers Coastal Management Conferences.

Financial contributions have been made:

  • Towards the CIRIA ‘Beach Management Manual‘ (1996, updated 2010), CIRIA ‘The Rock Manual’ and CIRIA ‘Beach Recharge Material: demand, resources and availability’ project;
  • To the Joint Nature Conservation Council (JNCC) production of Coastal Directories;
  • Towards the Seabed Sediment Mobility Study (West of the Isle of Wight) undertaken by CIRIA;
  • To Dorset Seasearch towards The Purbeck programme and the West Dorset project;
  • To the Geologists’ Association towards the cost of the Dorset Coast CD ROM project.